Leopard - RTF


When can we expect a bug fix on RTF/D editing ?[/i]

I think an email from the developers saying don’t use our products if you are upgrading your OS would have been thoughtful.

[i]I save a lot of information in RFTD format and have only just noticed that no images have been saved. DevonThink Pro won’t save any RTFD files ?

Please a ballpark guess for a fix ?[/i]

See Christian’s recommendation at http://www.devon-technologies.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5288.

Apple has made some changes in Cocoa rich text. We’ll probably appreciate them in the long run, but they create some issues for editing or saving rich text in DT Personal and Pro/Office 1.3.3.

An update is being tested now. It will be released as soon as possible. That will likely be a couple of weeks or less – when Christian is satisfied with reliability and any documentation changes have been made.

Click on that menu item “Check for Updates” now and then, or set Preferences > Update to automatically check for an update.

An email message warning users not to use DT under Leopard would not have reached all users, and would probably be overkill. One of the problems the developers faced was that there could have been code changes between the last developer prerelease in September and the released version of Leopard. Several forum postings have noted that the performance of the current versions of DT could not be guaranteed.

As for me, having gone through numerous OS updates both Mac and Windows, I’ll update one of my computers to Leopard tomorrow, but not my main working computer for a few more days. There are often a few glitches involved with transition to a major OS upgrade. Although I like to have the latest and greatest, I try to restrain myself for a little while and see what happens to others. I’ve got several applications that will require updates, some of which are not yet available. By and large, though, it seems that Leopard will transition quite smoothly.

I see that Apple has already issued an update to Leopard to fix issues such as Keychain problems.

[i]Thanks Bill_DeVille for replying,

I do appreciate that a new OS can cause a few bugs but surely not every application that uses Apples RTF/D is now unworkable ?
Surely Apple haven’t completely changed RTF/D handling in the last two weeks ?
Why wasn’t this sorted or preempted weeks ago, other developers have released Leopard updates, why not here.

Bleeding edge maybe but in the past 6 years of OSX updates I’ve never experienced an application I have invested in and use daily balk like this.

I am deeply disappointed that this applications derriere is just flapping in the wind for the next two weeks.[/i]

FWIW, most IT departments hold off on new operating systems until at least the first maintenance release. They’re happy to let someone else sort out the infant mortality bugs while they get real work done. IT departments also test their own critical applications under controlled conditions before rolling them out to the company at large. Sounds smart to me, especially when the predecessor OS is as stable as Tiger.

It’s difficult to test code that you haven’t seen, and members of Apple’s developer program did not get the final retail version of Leopard until after it had shipped to retail customers. The last developer seed was a month ago, which is time for lots of things to change.

I’m not just saying that to placate the DT guys: it’s been a well-documented problem for many different applications. It’s true that some applications have released Leopard versions, but some have not, and have encountered problems ranging all the way up to unbootable machines.


DT Pro is the one app I cannot live without, as I use it for all of my blogging at cornnation.com

I appreciate you guys being open about what you’re doing with Leopard and putting the notice out that you knew you’d have problems.

Given that I do much of my ‘real’ work in network consulting on the Microsoft side of things, I’m used to waiting for a first service pack to do the updates on the OS.

There are some things in Leopard that are compelling, spotlight, time machine, updates to mail.app, but I can wait for them. And put Leopard on some other machines.


Jon Johnston

On this subject, I’ve found a way to take a holiday. I, too, am in DTPO every day almost all day. It’s my repository of all things research, person and administrative.

That said, I’ve just updated to Leo, but haven’t launched DTPO. My excuse is that it isn’t ready, which means I can actually take a bit of time off and spend it with our 6-month-old daughter.

Christian: no rush.

No Christian: Please rush !

I am frick’in going nuts - I appreciate the work that goes into fixing bugs but surely a quick-fix post for just RTF handling couldn’t be that hard for the geniuses here at Devon Tech ?
If a warning of the perils of upgrading had been emailed to me I would understand but with no warning, a prompt fix would seem the main priority right now. Some of us use this application as part of our daily work routine and is costing us daily being without it.

[size=150]Geniuses - please kick thy own butts harder ![/size]

With respect but…

When can we expect a bug fix on RTF/D editing ?

Probably this week.

Great news. indebted 2U [i]Will be able to
reintegrate Devonthink back into my workflow.

I was only so obstreperous because I’ve come to rely on it so much and was really pissed when I suddenly found myself up the creek… without it.[/i]

Really could have done with a heads up on installing 10.5 and the potential problems in advance. People do rely on you and your software not just for fun but as part of our occupations.

“Belt and suspenders” advice: Even if the developers (of any application) say there will be no problems in transitioning to a major OS upgrade, always assume that there will be problems. Make backups under the previous OS version first.

I’ve got some well-known apps for photo manipulation and PDF creation that still have bugs under Leopard, even though one of them has already had its first maintenance release under 10.5. So I’m making sure not to work on original files for the moment.

Database developers who were using Tiger’s Core Data routines encountered some really serious bugs in the transition to Leopard, with the possibility of users losing all data. Fortunately, that’s one bullet that DT users were not exposed to.

Well my milage differs, I have never had an application that I use daily ‘EVER’ fail on me the way DevonThink Pro has. That it has taken over two weeks to fix and still counting is a little disheartening.

( Say eight hours, no it’s an emergency ‘Customers loosing money by the hour’ say 10 hours a day for one person/programmer working on fixing RTF management. Times fourteen days, it’s been a lot more than that but lets say 14 days. That’s 140 hours to fix RFT handling and it’s still not done ? )

Did we say that we’re only fixing one issue? And by the way - this is the only issue of our code, the remaining issues are issues of Leopard and not that easy to fix/bypass.

Two weeks and you still haven’t downgraded back to Tiger? I guess your need for DT must not be all that urgent after all.

I don’t know about you, but my clients would be pretty unhappy with me if I tried to use “Leopard ate your project” as an excuse.


meow !

I like your style Kat ( Real catty ), but these devon-tech boys can probably deal with very uncomfortable customers themselves without your mewing.

I have found that Leopard, even with its minor issues, is incredibly useful and a very real boon to productivity. There’s no way I’m reverting to Tiger…

I exported all of my DEVONthink Pro notes to RTF/RTFD/TXT/etc. documents, and have been accessing them via the Finder. With the newly improved Spotlight (and its Smart Folders, QuickLook, and TextEdit, I’m finding this “built-in” Leopard solution to be remarkably viable. While I do miss DTpro’s classification features, I’m considering leaving many (if not all) of my notes in the Finder (something I never thought I’d say).

Hey Good idea! I’m tired of waiting too, I want to start playing with the Leopard…

I keep simple logs of all software installations/uninstallations, maintenance, notable events, etc., on my Macs, my Windows PC, and my Linux PC, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep these in the Finder, edited with TextEdit. The same for logs I keep of my aquarium maintenance and such.

For most of my research and similar notes, though, I’m eagerly awaiting having DEVONthink Pro back. Its not as critical as it was before Leopard’s improved Spotlight, QuickLook, etc., but DEVONthink Pro is still nicer when dealing with those types of documents.

Any news would be gratefully received as it’s nearly the weeks end.
I am sure after spending up around 200 working hours fixing RFT handling you must be ready to release an RFT bug free version for us who are waiting on it urgently. I know you wouldn’t be holding back on us or not giving a bug free release your upmost attention, right ?

I think your numerous posts doesn’t qualify you as being benign anymore :smiling_imp:

They’ll release when they are confident it is ready.