Leppard and Devonthink Pro with Canon Lide 70 dosn´t work

Hi, i had upgrade my mac to leppard. Since I have a problem with Devonthink Pro and the Canon Lide 70 Scanner. The window with the scan option opend and the scanner works and I can see the preview document. Then I click to the Add button and nothing. The scanner dous not work?

In Accrobat Professional 8.0 i can´t scan a new document with the canon Lide 70 to. With the Leppard own Software Digital Pictures (in German Digitale Bilder) I can scan.

What´s the mistake?

Can somebody help me?

I don’t know about your model but I’ve got a CanoScan LIDE 500F flatbed scanner with the CanoScan ToolBox driver.

Under Leopard (Tiger, too) I launch ToolBox and click on the PDF button in the ToolBox. I have set it to send the PDF output of a scan to DEVONthink Pro (Office). When I click on the Scan button a scan is made for the page in the scanner. I can add additional pages by inserting them one at a time and pressing Next. When finished, click on Finish to send the multipage PDF to DT Pro Office. OCR is performed and the document is saved to the database. Works great. It’s not as fast as my ScanSnap, but it is useful especially for bound material such as book and journal pages.

There is a change in the Image Capture framework on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard that prevents our scan code to work. We are investigating already and are exchanging email with Apple developers to solve the problem.

Eric is correct and I should have noted that my response to blacksektor is a different approach that avoids current Leopard problems with using Image Capture for scanning/OCR in DT Pro Office.

Quite a few scanners have drivers that can “send” PDF output directly to a specified application. If your scanner can do that (and if the driver works under Leopard) you can successfully send PDF scan output directly to DT Pro Office for OCR and saving to the database. I found that the CanoScan ToolBox driver I installed under Tiger still works under Leopard for my Canon flatbed scanner. But I don’t know whether or not similar software for other scanner makes (e.g. Epson) and models works under Leopard. Check your scanner manufacturer’s Web site re Leopard compatibility of their driver software.

But if your scanner requires use of Image Capture, via the DT Pro Office command File > Import > From Scanner, that doesn’t work in DT Pro Office 1.3.3 under Leopard. A fix will be released soon. Unfortunately, Apple’s suggested approach to fix the problem was itself buggy.

As blacksektor also mentioned Acrobat 8, I should have mentioned that the current release of Acrobat 8 has some compatibility problems under Leopard. Adobe has announced that they are preparing an update.