licence for DT pro 1.5.4

i own an old ibook G4, running OsX 10.4 Tiger and i want to use DT Pro. Because DT 2 doesn’t work with Tiger, i have to use the 1.5.4 version, but i have no idea how much this old version costs and how to buy it.

I had the same problem today.

Scrolling down DEVONtechnologies -> Download you find ‘Legacy Versions for Older Operating Systems’.

ok, but legacy version does not mean free version, isnt’it?

Sorry, I thought you are looking for a demo version before buying.

Usually you have 30 days for testing the software before buying. I have no idea if pricing is the same for older and new versions. I’m sure you will get this question answered by DTs support.

When you buy DEVONthink Pro 2.0 today, your license will also work for DEVONthink Pro 1.5.4. So you’re ready for both the past and the future.

ok, thank you!