License no longer activated?

This morning, when I opened DT, I see the little green label at the top right of the screen, “Buy Now! - 29 Days Left”.

When I go to the main menu, enter license, and enter that info, I get the error, “Registration Internal Error, OK”.

Goodness…so do I! I have a "Buy now — 29 days left” in green at the top right of my DEVONthink Pro (licensed) screen.


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Probably a server problem then, we just have to wait it out.

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About every two months DT loses my registration. I then simply re-enter it and everything is fine.

But not this time. When I enter the data, this error message appears. Is this a bug? How can I register? Thank you.

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I am contacting the server admin to determine what the issue is. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


We’re back online. When consolidating a few things here we updated a password. You know, always change your password so all is nice and secure, … so secure even our own backend services could no longer connect.

Please accept our apologies for the inconveniences!


These things happen. There is nothing to apologize for. I just find it strange that it happens to me every few months. No big deal, then I enter the data again and everything is fine. Does this also happen to others or is it just me?

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No, we don’t have other similar reports. However, you should be mindful if the issue occurs after updating your operating system.

I don’t update my operating system every two months :wink: Anyway, not that important. Thanks for your quick response. :+1:

First time it’s ever happened for me FrankT.

First time for me too. I saw the Green Update warning in the upper right of DT3 Pro a few days ago. Since all was working fine I just ignored it, figuring it was some promo that would just go away. Today I got a standard email from DT community indicting popular topics since my last login. Fortunately, I scrolled down this popular topic and found others were getting the little green Buy Now! and were no longer registered. Then I checked DT3>About which showed my version as unregistered. I had no idea. See Screenshot. I went through the registration screen, applied my credentials and all seems OK with registration. I’ve never had this before and wonder what would have happened if I’d continued to ignore the green update. I have no idea what caused the green prompt to occur. Maybe it was some OPSys update. But how would I know? Moving forward, will the small green flag pop up anytime DT fails to register me? And what are the consequences of failing to re-register? At what point does functionality cease?
Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 6.44.38 AM

This was a temporary issue of our backend (see above), this issue has been fixed already therefore reentering your license should be sufficient. And the next maintenance release will revise the license handling so that this can’t happen again.