License not recognized—old topic but new for me

I am a long time but inefficient user—91 years old and slowing down.
iMac 27, 2017 Ventura 13.6.1 Devonthink 3.9.4
I have logged in again but you (your program) still ask me to register again. If I manage to get around that request, and try to open a database—or even the inbox—you keep telling me it’s already open. I also get a “buy now” request in red. Here is a screen shot:

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There was a license glitch a couple of weeks ago but it should be resolved now, here is the thread about it: License no longer activated? - #7 by FrankT

Did you say you’ve entered your license details again and it’s not cleared the message?

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Yes, I logged in, found my license code, and copied it to the form. I’ll try that again to make sure. Thanks,

You may want to try this…
Log into your DEVONtechnologies customer account.
2. Click the appropriate product in the Your Licenses section to display your licensing information.
3. In the Devices section, press the Edit button.
4. Press the encircled minus (-) button next to the device from which you want to remove the seat.
5. Scroll to the top of the page and press the green Activate button.

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Thanks Bluefrog, that worked. You’re always a great help.

You’re very welcome :smiley: