Licenses and multiple profiles on the same machine

I’m trying to set up a ‘work’ and a ‘personal’ profile on my Mac. I want to use DTPO in both profiles, but not sure how to get the license to work. I’ve tried entering my existing license in DTPO when I set up an additional profile, but it doesn’t seem to work; I wondered why I even needed to enter the license again? Any help appreciated.

The license should of course also work on the second account. Did you enter all details, including your name and organisation, exactly as they appear in our e-mail?

When I tried to add my existing license to DTPO in the second Mac user profile, it said it would not work with this current version of DTPO, and that I needed to install an earlier version for the license to work.

What version are you running on each account?


When I try to add the license, the dialogue box says:

The entered license code is not valid for this application but it is for DEVONthink Pro 2.x. Please download and install DEVONthink Pro 2.x which will happily accept this license code.

Do you definitely use DEVONthink Pro Office (not DEVONthink Pro) and the same license on the first account?

Yep - just checked! Both are DTPO 2.11.2.

In fact, I also just set up another user profile to test it again, same thing happens.

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks!

Solved. It was of course, user error! Thanks for the support though.