Licenses when Upgrading

I will be upgrading from DEVONthink Pro Office 2 to DEVONthink Pro 3. It is my understanding that the DTPO2 license will expire some time after I purchase the upgrade to DTP3. Does this mean that, if I wanted to return to DTPO2 in the future, that the DTPO2 license will no longer allow me to use it? Also, how long will the DTPO2 license be active?

I read elsewhere that the 2nd seat license of DTP3 would also work with DTPO2. Is this the recommended license usage?

Lastly, up to now I have been trying out DTP3 as a trial, although the version I am using (v3.0.4) is outdated. What is the best path to upgrading? Should I uninstall v3.0.4 and then install the latest download, or should I just upgrade to the latest version and then apply my new license to the already-installed app? Also, should I uninstall DTPO2 first?


You are right that your current DTPO2 license will expire when you upgrade to DTP3. However, the license key you are provided for DTP3 will actually work with DTPO2, so you lose nothing.

The typical use for the second seat is to install DTP3 on a second device, such as a MacBook.

DTP3 and DTPO2 use the same database format, so your databases will work with either (within the constraints of the options available in each program). I don’t think keeping both DTPO2 and DTP3 on a device is ideal, however, and would recommend removing DTPO2 once you have installed DTP3. The easiest way for you to upgrade to DTP3 is to apply your license to your current version and simply use the update functionality (DEVONthink 3/Check for Updates…) in your that version of DTP3.

I remotely remember that using both versions with same databases “deletes” some features of DT3 after DT2 is being used. Not a real issue, but you do something in DT3 that is in DT3 only, then you open DT2, and once you return to DT3 you’ve lost those things.

I cannot remember what is, but it is not data loss or related.

Probably custom meta data. As far as I know DEVONthink 2 and 3 should not be used together.

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Essentially correct.
If someone has successully migrated to verson 3, at a minimum deleting version 2 and rebooting the machine is advocated.