Limit of email per folder on your iOS8 device set to 150!

Have posted this message in another thread but it might be smart to post it as a separate topic.

Took me over 2 hours of talking with Apples support both the usual support but also with a Senior Advisor, that the maximum messages/emails per folder on a iOS device is 150 when using Apples Mail.

It used to be unlimited and could be set to max 500 now it is max 150.

I used to have some 12.000 emails in total in iCloud and synced to my computer. All of them were accessible on my computer off course but to be able to bring them with me on my iPhone/iPad i had to divide them in to folders with max 150 emails each.

To search for text in a specific email took forever as well and seems to depend of the internet speed Verizon provided.

Even if the present version of DTTG is not perfect I am very happy that I can carry ALL of my emails with me on my iOS devices with no limits per folder. And to be able to search within all 12.000 emails in seconds.

When the new DTTG 2.0 arrives I think Devonthink has a perfect system.

Interesting info to know. Thanks for the report (and support :smiley: )