Limiting PDF Search to Specific Document Areas

I have some pretty big PDF documents in my DEVONthink database.

Is there a way I can search for specific terms in a limited section of the PDF? Say, between pages 200 and 210?

I can work around this by noting the pages I care about, searching globally and then scrolling back to the key section to find highlighted search terms, but it’s cumbersome.

Sorry but no, you can’t search in sections of a PDF. Development would have to assess the feasibility of such a feature.

Also, if there are chapters in the PDF, you may consider Tools > Split PDF > Into Chapters. You could then search in the specific chapters as individual PDFs.

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Good thought about splitting the PDF. I’ll explore that. Thanks for the quick help, as always, Jim.

— Robert

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

When I have PDFs over a certain size, I like to use the other option that DT provides, splitting them into individual pages. In addition to the 275-page PDF document, I end up with 275 PDFs that are grouped together. A search for a word or phrase will then collect the matching PDFs.

Interesting but definitely a valid approach :slight_smile: