Linguistic Search support / search upgrade

I stumbled upon and I am falling in love with the Natural Language Processing feature search and how it lays out the results including the pages in documents. I would love to see DTTG get a search upgrade like this.

So which parts of their search would you like to see in DEVONthink (To Go)? The layout of the results list or some other features that are part of their NLP?

I think a little bit of both would be amazing. It’s really nice having the search pull up the pages in my large HOA Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions and rank them individually as an example.

I specifically would like to see the search Tokenized and then have those results Lemmatizatized to allow the search to pull things similar in meaning for the terms to further pull in results that are relevant to my search and could be what I am looking for without having to add variations to my keywords.

Their app is slow as hell to index unlike the mighty power of DEVONthink.