Link %20 stand-in for a space not working

Link " x-devonthink-item://050DCB67-69C9-4B22-95D0-F39CD6A10796?search=Steve%20Jobs " to search for Steve Jobs only works for the first part of the link, it opens up the database called " Apple Press Releases " but does not then search for Steve Jobs. When I edit this link the %20 disappears and I am left with x-devonthink-item://050DCB67-69C9-4B22-95D0-F39CD6A10796?search=Steve Jobs
AS you can see there is a space between Steve and Jobs which DEVONthink cant handle.
Is there something wrong with my syntax?
Thank You

Does it work with a + instead of %20?

No, the + only opens up the root directory but does not search for Steve Jobs either. Steve%20Jobs or Steve+Jobs. The link completely ignores the Steve Jobs search.

For what it is worth, ?page=[number] does work at the end of the link.

How exactly did you open the link, e.g. in DEVONthink or another app? And what kind of document does this link reference?

I opened this link within DEVONthink 3 from a sample PDF database, these were articles from Apple. I am using the sample database to learn how to use DEVONthink. I right-clicked the root directory and then clicked on " Copy Database Link ". I then added " ? search=Steve%20Jobs ". The link worked fine in opening the root directory containing the PDF files but failed to do a search for Steve Jobs with the yellow highlight. When I edited this link the %20 was gone as if this part of the link was not excepted by DEVONthink.

This is not proper syntax for a URL command search. The proper syntax is…


You can also target a specific database like so…


There is no spaces anywhere and no quotes ?search=Steve%20Jobs.

It’s not a matter of spaces or quotes. If you are using the database’s item link, the syntax is wrong for searching.

A search is a command not a DEVONthink item.

search is actually a valid parameter of item links but it’s unclear whether the database or the document should be searched.

Ahh, indeed. I haven’t really used that form much (obviously).

I’m also seeing an issue with a database link doesn’t display a search in DEVONthink.


A file item link works with a singular search term, e.g.,…


but not multiple terms


What kind of document is linked in this case?

Markdown in this instance.

New (110 Bytes)

The document does not contain the phrase dropbox sync. DEVONthink looks for the exact string in the document.

So quotes are assumed with the URL scheme instead of an AND search, correct?

It’s just a string search (like in TextEdit or Preview), operators aren’t supported.

I will update the documentation to reflect this.

The above link now works as long I create a link to a specific PDF document. So I get the yellow highlight on the word alias. No exactly what I wanted but close enough. I can work with this. Thanks for the previous comments.
John Flanagan

A fixed link would look this:


Yes, that is exactly what I have.