Link broken to Indexed files when Pathname changed

DEVONthink Office Pro 2pb5.

When I change the path-name to a file in the Finder that is Indexed in DTP, the link gets broken in DTP.

The manual says about Indexing: “This is similar to creating an alias in the Finder.” But it’s not similar - alias don’t break when the original file is moved.

I thought this was fixed. So what am I doing wrong?
Or will it be fixed? I don’t want to start a complicated work-around system if it’s going to be fixed soon.

Thanks for your help,

The distinction is in the word “similar”. A better phrase would have been a “symbolic link” but the Apple documentation doesn’t use that and we like to use the same terminology that Apple uses.

Thank you, Annard, for your very fast reply.

But my real question is:

Will the linking technology be fixed so that changing the path name doesn’t break the link?

I often rename my folders and move things around, so my links are always getting lost. A real pain. Doesn’t everyone do this?


That is not the intended use of the index mechanism, it’s meant for more or less static files that may be too large to put in a database (such as a CD-ROM) or for interacting with other programs such as citation managers. Not for active data, in that case I would recommend importing it into DEVONthink and work with it from there. In version 2 it has become much, much easier to work with the document using other applications.