Link documents

I use DT to store scientific articles and corresponding notes.

In some cases the notes are identified as ‘similar’ documents when I open the article. But in most cases the note is not found or is ranked much worse than other articles. This depends of course on the content of the note, which often describes the article in my own words.

Is it possible to somehow ‘link’ files in DT, i.e. to tell DT that a note belongs to a particular article PDF? This would help a lot when navigating my files. I can include a link to the article PDF in the text note, but I can’t include a link to the text note in the PDF.

There is a lot of information about document linking in the Forums. You could look at using the Annotation template for your notes, or even add a hyperlink Annotation to a PDF document.

The annotation template is nice. URL annotations in PDFs are a bit clumsy though. When I open a PDF, DevonThink shows me similar relevant articles.

Is there any way to tweak the logic behind this? If a text note is not similar enough to a PDF but I still want it to show up as a relevant file?

Nope. The brain does, what the brain does. :mrgreen: