Link of table of contents not working


When I have large markdown page, I will make table of contents. When I click the link, it will jump to corresponding header.

But in my iphone, it doesn’t work.

Please fix, thanks.


Welcome @kzh125

I’m not sure where you got that format for a table of contents but the hyphen is incorrect. (#header1) would be the proper anchor here.

However, I have an issue filed on the behavior of table of contents in DEVONthink To Go. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

hello, I use vscode markdown-all-in-one extension.

And in other software, such as VSCode / typora , the link with hyphen works.

But DEVONthink don’t support the hyphen, I think it’s also a problem…

links with hypen is github flavored markdown.

DEVONthink uses MultiMarkdown.