Link text in database document to another doc in database?

Can you select text in an RTF document you are typing in DT and link it to another document in the database, like a hyperlink?

When making notes, I would like to link a topic word or statement to a more in-depth document that is also in the same DT database. Thanks.

Yes. Select the word(s), then right-click and choose Link to…

Thanks BLUEFROG, but just tried this and it didn’t seem to work. I highlighted a word in an RTF document in DT, right-clicked to “Link To…” and then selected an RTF file in the same database from the folders and files offered to link to. When I returned to the original document, the words I selected to link were not highlighted or had any indication they were linked to anything. What did I do wrong?

There is also a choice of “Make Link” and “Add Link” when you right click on a selected word. Would either of those work? Thanks.

What operating system and version of DEVONthink are you running?

Add Link allows you to add a link via a dialog.
Make Link creates a WikiLink, so clicking on the link creates a new RTF file on that subject.

I am using DT Pro v. 2.9.12 running on Mac OS 10.9.5.

2.9.12 is not compatilble with OS X 10.9.5. The only workaround at the moment is to downgrade to version DEVONthink Pro 2.9.11 or to upgrade your version of macOS (definitely recommended as we will soon drop support for 10.9.5).

Thanks BLUEFROG. Unfortunately, like many creatives w. complex and color calibrated workflows who don’t employ an IT guy, I do not upgrade OS’s often to avoid the inevitable problems that can take weeks and $$$ to sort out.

Every three years I buy a new workstation, but recently Apple hasn’t offered a worthy replacement. Also, the MacOS has become less pro-oriented and more commercialized around social networking. After 24 years, I am considering going back to a pro-grade PC for production, maintaining my older Mac for research w. DevonThink.

Anyway, I wonder why DT-Pro repeatedly prompted me to upgrade to 2.9.12, when it was not compatible w. my version OS?

Will going back to v. 2.9.11 break my database? Any other considerations I need to know? Thanks again.

No there is no danger here. We wouldn’t issue instructions that would jeopardize your data.

Thanks Jim. Didn’t know you were aka BLUEFROG.

When I run the v. 2.9.11 installer, will it automatically replace v. 2.9.12 or will it install as a separate app in my Application folder?

You will drag install and replace the current version.

Thanks Jim. Replaced v2.9.12 with v2.9.11.

The “Linked To” command now works for me. Glad to have this ability. :slight_smile:

No problem. Cheers!