Link to a DT document from another application

Right, so, suppose a man (or a woman, for that matter) made an RTF note, and already knew that it was relevant to a particular project, and wanted to give himself (or herself, for that matter) a reminder to look at that quote when next he (or she, for that matter) was working on that project.

Well, if he (or she, for that matter) was using, say, omnifocus, then it would be convenient to go to Quick Entry, write a brief description of what needed doing, categorise it according to the task in question and insert a hyperlink or something to the DT document.

Well, almost all of this is possible. But I am not sure if there’s a way of getting a hyperlink into another application. As it stands, I could just use the document’s title, and when the time came around, I could search for that title in DT. Which is fine. I’m just wondering if it is possible to make a hyperlink (or whatever) that would instantly take you to the relevant note (that is, to click the link in omnifocus and be brought directly to the note in Devonthink).

It’d be nice.
Is it possible right now in DT Pro 2 beta?


Yes, from DTP use the “Edit>Copy Item Link” command, bring up the OmniFocus Quick Entry Panel, and paste the link into the note field.

Now that is what I call pretty damn excellent!

I suspected that this might have been possible, but I hadn’t managed to figure out how exactly.



Great pointer, Greg_Jones. Just tried it and it works wonders! :smiley:


Great point! I tried this and it works e.g. as link in a TextEdit-file.

I did not get working this with placing the link in a ICal Note or ICal Link (under Leopard). Any suggestions/ideas about this?

This would be my famous use for this function…

Was toying around with this myself, i use things and ical.
If i use “copy item link” i just get a note saying “x-devonthink-item://08240B36-27B2-4178-96E7-DB6C8F4E4494”

However if i drag that item into things i get a link that works EVEN when the database is closed, DT is closed and the encrypted diskimage i keep my databases on is ejected… It then just asks for the disk password and gets it from somewhere in the database and opens it in preview.
Same for ical by the way!
But (!!) does this damage my database in any way?? I mean 3rd party apps are then opening&reading inside the database…?

DEVONthink 2.0 is built to withstand that. Bill DeVille or others might have some cautionary statements, but I’ve been doing this left and right without any problems.

The Item Link is intended to provide access by external applications.

The major cautions would be not to do things externally that the database isn’t aware of, e.g., deleting or renaming files stored within the database, or directly adding files from outside (in which case the database doesn’t “know” about such additions and can’t list or search them). All those things can be done manually by using the Show Package Contents command, and should be avoided.

Direct editing/saving of a file stored in the database from outside may be OK, although the database may not be aware of the changes until the Synchronize command is used.

Generally, though, as the link will likely be used to open the database file within the database environment, not to worry. :slight_smile:

If I drag an .rtd created in DT 2.0 into Things, I get a link, but when I click on the link the RTF is opened in Bean (my default viewer/editor for RTF files). Hmmm…

Does anyone get to work the “Edit>copy link item” command to work between DT and Mellel? – Have been using with delight the option to link DT files from outside with various external apps (Scrivener, iCal, Sidenote, NeoOffice) but have no success with Mellel. All I get is the the path to what looks like the correct DT file but with no hyperlink function back from Mellel to DT, respectively the desired file.


That happens here too, but as Bill and kalisphoenix point out that should be fine unless you make changes to the file.
But let’s say i have a pdf form that i need to fill in on june first; date comes, i see it in things, opens in acrobat, fill it in, and hit save, so the changes are saved in the pdf without changing it’s name.
So afterwards in the database i would have to synchronize and it would update everything, and this will not compromise my database in any way?
Looks a bit like “open with” inside DT…

Just checking, i’m a “newbie” as my profile states;-)
And i think i’m going to use this often!

Experimenting a little with Edit>Copy Item Link:

  • I paste a link from database A into a rich text document of database B.
  • Close database A and click on the document name in database B.
  • Database A is opened. In fact, if that document has more than one link, all the databases are opened.

The linked document is not displayed, which is what I would expect since I did not click on the link itself. However, I would also prefer that the database not be opened until I click that link.

Beyond that, this will be a very cool and handy feature.

Edited to add:
When I paste the link into the notes field of an address in SOHO Organizer, there seems to be a problem. Clicking the link one time will open the database and display the document, but when returning to SOHO, the pasted text is no longer a link. Something I should address to Chronos (the software publisher, not the god)?

Another edit because I was too hasty:
Oops! That note field is basically just plain text and won’t maintain any formatting at all. Too bad. Thought I might be able to bypass SOHO Notes for those documents I wanted to link to a name but didn’t want another copy of in that program.

Anybody any luck in creating functioning links in Mellel to DT-files with the new"Edit>copy link item" command in DT? – Mine don’t work, all I get is the path to the DT’s file without it becoming a live link. The command with the same procedure works fine with most other apps. Ideas appreciated.
(DTP20pb2 & Mellel 2.6.1 / OS 10.5.6)