Link to a local file/folder which will open finder from markdown preview?

I thought this would be trivial but I guess im missing something (as always :))

so I want to be able to refer to specific local folder/files in my markdown notes.

I tried these methods based on googling:

[test1](/Users/zeltak/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Templates.noindex)

![test2](/Users/zeltak/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Templates.noindex)

where only the test 1 method seems to show an actual link yet clicking that link doesn’t do anything.


is this possible at all? And if it is what am I doing very wrong here :slight_smile:



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That’s not a URL, so it will not function as a link.

Though I’m not saying what you’re doing is a good idea (especially since there’s no link validation and moving or renaming files will break the links), a file:// URL can be used…

Note, it’s a URL so the spaces need to be percent-encoded to %20.

thx again

to me its useful to use as as reference to folder/files outside devonthink that I may want to refer to.

I managed to get it to open files (in this case a pdf). Although it opens in the background for some reason so its hard to see if that worked :slight_smile:

I wasn’t able to get it to open folders in finder

see both examples I’ve used





It’s not going to open the Finder. Windows and files will open behind DEVONthink, though Development would have to assess if the behavior could be otherwise. (And remember, we have a lot of stuff going on here, so it would be far down on the todo list.)

understood, thx again

Wondering if development had any thoughts on this (not in term of time since I know you guys are super busy but just the viability of the idea :))



Nothing specific to report on it right now.

Just tried this successfully on 10.15.3, which macOS version do you use?

I’m on 10.15.3 and the folder opens but behind DEVONthink. The Finder isn’t made frontmost when it opens a window.

Hi and thx for the response

im also on 10.15.3 and the folder opens but behind DEVONthink