Link to EndNote?

Is it possible to link the citations in EndNote to pdf files in my DT database?

Not directly, as the files are embedded inside the DT ‘package’ file. The next version of DT will I hope make that easier by not ‘hiding’ the imported files inside the package. But don’t despair, there’s a simple workaround no matter what.

Right-Click (or equivalent) on your DT database package file, select “Show package contents”.
Inside that is a folder called “files”. Create a alias to that folder on your desktop or wherever.
You can now use the finder in Endnote to open the “Files” folder anytime and see the PDFs (and everything else) inside.
Follow the linking instructions in the Endnote help…

PS. Just because you can see the folder now, don’t be tempted to drag files in/out of it. DT needs to write its own record of entries and deletions to accurately reflect the collected files - so only add or delete files through DT itself. The alias just makes the folder visible to the system Finder (and therefore Endnote).


Link to PDF
Use the Link to PDF field to store the path to PDF files on your hard drive.
To link a PDF file to a reference in your EndNote library:
Select a reference in the Library window, or open the reference.
From the References menu, choose Link To PDF.
Use the dialog that appears to select a PDF file that you would like linked to the selected (or open) reference, and click Open.
You could also type or paste the path and filename you wish to link. Use “%20” for spaces in folder and file names. For example:
The path and filename become hyperlinked— blue, underlined text—which you can click to open the file. Or, you can open the linked file by going to the References menu and selecting Open PDF.
If you want to link to more than one file, press Return to start each hyperlink on a new line.
For more information, see Linking a File to an EndNote Reference and Opening a Linked File or URL.


That’s a useful tip. Note that it assumes that DT Pro’s Preferences > PDF & PS has been set to copy PDF files to the database Files folder. As the links are actually made inside EndNote, I don’t think it will do any harm to the DT Pro database. To be on the safe side, I would recommend closing the DT Pro database before doing the linking in EndNote.

If, however, preferences were set to leave the PDF as an externally linked file, or if the PDF had been imported using the Index mode (in which case it is externally linked), the PDF would reside outside the database package. Its location can be ascertained by reading the Path field in the DT Pro database’s Info panel for that document.

CAUTION: Creation of the alias of the database package File folder should be done while the database is NOT OPEN. And DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES WHATSOEVER in the aliased Files folder, as this could cause problems with the DT Pro database. Note that Spotlight will index the files in the aliased Files folder. I would be cautious about opening files at the same time through EndNote or Spotlight access, and through DT Pro access.

Make an external backup using DT Pro’s Scripts > Export > Backup Archive before experimenting!

Thanks very much! you’ve been extremely helpful. I’ll try it out and give you feedback on how it works. Collaboration between these two programs would be an a godsend to any researcher, scientific or otherwise. I hope support will be added for EndNote.