Link to image fails in external Markdown editor

A similar or identical thread started five years ago and was buried four years ago.

Links to Markdown images stored in the database do not work in external editors.

The problem is: Users are referred to external editors when they complain about Devonthink’s built-in editor. If we are directed to external editors, I think Devonthink’s should provide links in a way that they can be used in external editors without additional steps (like creating x-devonthink links and pasting them manually).

Of course, I would be most happy to get a modern Markdown editor in Devonthink that lets me choose a font, line height, margins etc. in source view as well :smiley:

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The only links that work across all applications are local file URLs/paths or http(s) URLs. But improved support for text bundles which include images (just like RTFD does) is planned for future releases.

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So wonderful! Looking forward to the textbundle option – the most stable solution, in my opinion. Thanks!

Just to clarify:

  • file:///<path to image> works (file:///Users/me/Desktop/whatever.png)
  • <absolute path to image> works (/Users/me/Desktop/somethingelse.jpg)
  • <relative path to image> does not work (folder/foobar.webp)

The last case is (kind of) obvious because for documents in DT, there is no clear relationship between their locations in the file system. So, for relative paths, DT interprets the folder names as group hierarchy in the current database.

I’m wondering, though, how that plays out for indexed documents? Intuitively, I’d expect relative paths to work as usual in that case, because they (and possibly the images they refer to) have defined locations in the file system.

This should work too.

Works well with indexed documents.

It seems logical to me. Documents in the database are stored in folders that have no relation to the groups in Devonthink. So when I set a link to “images/filename.png” in the database, Devonthink knows what to do and shows the image. But the file is, in fact, located in another folder in the file system, and of course, external editors do not know that when the link is to a group, not to the actual folder.

Of course, having the option to use the actual path (given in the info panel anyway) to the image instead of the group might be one solution.

But more than that – textbundle is great!