"Link To…" in contextual menu is unusable

Selecting text in an PDF (or other document) and choosing Link To… from the contextual menu brings up a massive dialog box, apparently listing every single document in all open databases in a manner that is unnavigable. No scroll bars; no search box; large type; the box scrolls on and on alphabetically. Moving the pointer away from the scrolling box, which is easy to do, causes the whole thing to vanish so we can start over from the beginning.

It’s an interesting and potentially useful feature that is defeated by the interface that makes it unworkable.

Can this be fixed? If not, I suggest removing the feature.

A screenshot would be useful.

A screenshot would reveal private data. Can you not reproduce this yourself? If not, then delete this thread.

There’s an “Add Link…” and a “Link To” submenu in the contextual menu of PDF documents:


The first command just opens a simple panel to enter a URL, the submenu is identical to the one of version 2 and includes all groups & documents in all opened databases (the hierarchy of the submenu is identical to the one of your databases/groups).

That’s very interesting. Nonetheless, legacy v2 feature or not, the “Link To…” feature, as I reported, provides a submenu that is impossible to navigate. So, it must have been unusable in v2 and remains unusable in v3.

If I add a link using either “Add Link” or “Link To” then the resulting link opens an Annotation pane which lists the URL or x-link. I need to then copy that link and paste it to view the linked document.

Is there a way instead for these links to be active hyperlinks?

the resulting link opens an Annotation pane which lists the URL or x-link.

What are you referring to?

I was referring to adding a link here.

When I am done, why is the text hatched rather than turned into hyperlink blue?

And when I click the linked text, it does not load the link but rather an Annotations box appears which includes the link:

Because that is a PDF hyperlink. It is not going to change the formatting of the PDF’s text.

And the Annotation Inspector opens so you can attach the URL it links to.

Here is an active link appearing in the tooltip on hover…


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