profiles not fully loading

When creating a bookmark for a profile (e.g. only the header and image loads and for the rest only the ‘loading spinners’ are shown. I’m logged in to Linkedin in DT. The same page loads fine in Safari. I’ve disabled all the ‘block’ items under Web settings (Block Ads etc.) but still it won’t load. Any idea how to fix this to load profiles in DT?

Which version of macOS do you use?

Big Sur 11.13.1

You’re logged in where - in a browser?

Logged in using the DT browser (create a bookmark with the profile link and then login on that page in the DT browser with my credentials)

Hmm… not seeing an issue here.
What OS are you running?

macOS 11.13.1 (Big Sur)

I’ve also tried with the Home feed which also doesn’t scroll e.g. (doesn’t load new items). Does that also work for you as well?

It does appear a llittle slow in things like My Network and Notifications but it seems generally to be working.

It’s weird - I can’t figure it out. It’s too bad as I was hopening DT would prove a replacement for my Python scraping script (which downloaded PDFs but is hitting a rate limit, which seems to be 200 PDFs/month max). Opening the page and printing might get me further but unfortunately no go until I find a way to get pages to load in DT…

what if you loaded page in a browser then saved as PDF or web archive? not using DEVONthink browser

I am having problems loading Linkedin via Safari. Seems that others are experiencing similar difficulties.

Sounds like the LinkedIn people have some work to do !

My conclusion is it’s just a horrible website. I’m guessing the errors have something to do with lazy loading (something @mhucka also has to account for in this script: devonthink-hacks/Auto convert web page to PDF.applescript at main · mhucka/devonthink-hacks · GitHub)

My workaround is now that I’ve written a Python + selenium script which uses Chrome in Headless mode to load the page, scroll the page, remove some style elements (messaging and sidebar) and then takes a full-page screenshot. I then import that screenshot to DT and OCR it. Only minor isssue that none of the links work anymore (obviously) but I can do without those for my purposes.


Well… we didn’t want to say that out loud, so we let you say it :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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LinkedIn pages fail to load for me in DEVONthink 3.7.2 running on macOS 10.13.6. Here’s a screenshot of what I get:

This is not at all what the page looks like in a browser. (Not casting blame here, just corroborating the original report.)

One thought I was having is that there’s some kind of timeout that kicks in almost immediately or a JS error that surfaces which stops everything else from loading. Unfortunately there’s no Web Inspector or Console to check but maybe @cgrunenberg could check this out at some point (or it’s still just Linkedin being crappy)

The WebKit framework of macOS is unfortunately not identical to the latest Safari engine, e.g. third-party Internet plug-ins do not work quite often and other issues like this one might happen.