Linking between html and other docs in DTPro?

I love the idea of linking between documents and find the contextual menu approach very intuitive in doing this. But I have a question about imported html documents:

I have a series of Chinese lessons, in html format, that I downloaded and imported into a DTPro database. In addition to the main lessons, I also downloaded and imported html pages that give additional notes and tips on the lesson.

So, what I’d like to do is find a way to link from the main lesson page to the notes page using links.

However, I can’t figure out a way to insert a link into the web page as it is displayed, which I guess makes sense since I’m not actually accessing the code on the page itself.

Is there a way to link between web pages in DTPro?

Much thanks,
Craig Turner

Sorry, no.

But as usual there’s a kludge to accomplish the purpose.

Create a new rich text note. If you wish, you can give it the same name as the HTML page (so that if you search for the name of the HTML page, the associated notes page will also be displayed).

Now in that rich text note you can enter notes about and links to the other pages you wish to refer to.