Linking btw Bookends records and DevonThink files -- is Hook best solution?

Like many other people out there, I want to be able to quickly jump back and forth between a DevonThink file (whether PDF or a notecard) and the Bookends record for the source that the DT file is based on. I’ve read a bunch of posts about this, and it seems they all involve scripts, which I’m terrible at. So two questions:
(1) Is there a simpler way to do this than I realize, and
(2) if not, am I right that bidirectional Hook links should capture pretty much everything that one of those scripts would?

Many thanks for any thoughts!

The first question would be actually how exactly did you or do you plan to add the Bookends records to DEVONthink? E.g. references imported via File > Import > References from Bookends… automatically link back to the record in Bookends (see URL in navigation bar or in Info inspector)

See also Bookends and DevonThink "side by side" with same PDF folder -- risky? - #32 by cgrunenberg

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