Linking document

Hi all,

can I link documents to each other in DT?

E.g. I archive emails in DT. Can I link answers to original emails and e.g. pictures and pdfs with information concerning such emails. So when I look at the original email I automatically see the reply and the additional documents.

Cheers, Michi

A limiting factor is that you can link to a plain text message, but not from a plain text message.

Of course, you can convert a plain text email document to rich text, and then add links.

But that doesn’t mean that you can “look at the original email” and "automatically see the reply and the additional documents. (Perhaps one of these days, though.)

i think what tobler means is linking between documents - not the web-like link from a part of text in a documentA to another documentB (that’s what DT can do).
what tobler describes would be some kind of metadata for an entire documentA: documentA also links to documentB and documentC.
TAO can do this.
hope this comes with 2.0 8)

It’s obvious, and not the most elegant solution, but sometimes the easiest way to “link” related documents is still just putting them (or replicants or copies) in a group.

Yes, you are right. It’s just different metaphors for the same information.
Perhaps putting related documents (or replicants or copies of them) in a group is even more elegant than linking them.

reconsidering groups vs. links: links also have directions.

Thanks for your all’s replies. Just one more question: When I create groups with copied or replicated files, wouldn’t use that increadible memory space over time? I mean my database file is already 1.3 GB large and since it’s always open in the background I have the impression that the performance of my laptop is affected.

Cheers, m

tobler, replicating files requires only a very small memory overhead for the database, just a few bytes. But duplicating a file doubles the memory requirement for that file.