Linking DT file to Jurism (zotero) using URI Link feature

Linking DT file to Jursim:

Outline of the problem:
Need to manage the bibliographic reference / metadata information in Jursim (=zotero), but need the referenced file (e.g. pdf) to reside in devonthink for managing annotations.

Current Workflow:
1>Create bibliographic entry in Jurism
2>Click menu bar icon paperclip
3>Select “Attach link to URI”
4>Select and Right-Click file in DT
5>“Copy Item Link”
6>Paste link in URI Link field (Jurism) [ref. step 3 above]

The bibliographic entry in Jurism will now call the linked file in DT, bringing up current and future annotations to that file.

This method prevents possible versioning errors by having a stale file in Jurism and active/fresh file in DT.

Is it possible to paste the “Copy Item Link” information into DT somewhere so that it calls the file? Pasting it in the search field does not seem to call the file.

Sometimes I do not want to go through the steps of creating a bunch of URI Links and simply copy paste the DT item link into a Jurism note as text.

As I understand it, the “Copy Item Link” function produces a unique document identifier (= the number&letters after the x-devonthink-item:// ).

You can paste the item link in a file’s alias.

Thanks! It seems to work when I paste the link into the Finder Comments. Then it will display the linked file in the search results. Didn’t seem to work for me when it’s in the Alias field. (v 3.8.4)

Before when I pasted the link in the search field, it just displayed other documents within DT that contained the link, but not the linked file itself.