Linking files in markdown and Html (css, img)

Currently the mac version supports linking files using their unique identifier in the database but not on iOS. This requires me to have a workflow where I have to waste a bit of space and time embedding CSS and base64 versions of the image into my HTML notes that were generated from markdown.

I have a personal note taking database I currently use for school with over 300 note files and growing. The database size is rapidly growing due to the large and complex CSS style that I have come up with to beautifully display my notes. My math notes are insane in size due to embedding the JavaScript files needed to render math formulas and the fonts needed for each.

I could cut my database size and storage by 90% if this feature was implimented along with readable markdown notes instead of these massive HTML files.

DEVONthink To Go offers the very same method for linking to items. Long-press a document in the item list, as described in the embedded help, and use “Copy Item Link”. Use the copied URL wherever you like to link to the document.

I have tried doing this but CSS and img files refuse to show. Do the database links not sync across the sync store?

Local Image links in Markdown files in DTTG2 will be available soon. You will copy the URL as Eric notes, then use the ![Alt Title](copied URL) structure.

And yes, this can be done in the same way on both Mac and mobile when the update for DTTG2 is available.

That is exciting. Will the new version also support something like this?



test yay

R3(config)# interface GigabitEthernet 0/0
R3(config-if)# ip ospf priority 0
R3(config-if)# end

It should adhere to the multi markdown spec with placing html code along with markdown code. (DEVONthink Mac currently does not support this but the rest of my markdown editors do.) I would prefer some kind of global css for styling markdown but this would be the next best option. I love markdown and I’m very close to going to a plain text workflow.

A basic reference file I have in the database looks like this after css is applied.

sorry if the image is too big but I do not know how to resize it on the forums.

No, this is not currently possible, and I know of no current plans to support it.

DEVONthink supports MultMarkdown 5 in the current version. We are not supporting other flavors of Markdown.

Is the best alternative view outputting to HTML? I would expect a metadata tag using css: to work or html header: metadata tag. This is within the MultMarkdown 5 syntax.

Issue is using the database links. I do not want to have to keep my css in the internet but keep everything on device.

Finally got it the multimarkdiown way.

note file

css: {{css.txt}}

# yay jJ

FIle css.txt


this works perfect with the multi markdown 5 processor but does not work in DEVONthink with the database urls.

I would love to have DEVONthink reference URL support for multimarkdiown File Transclusion. … usion.html

Transclusion appears to require a directory structure or a path. It does not appear to work with a URL, so this would either (1) not work (certainly not across a filesystem boundary like macOS to iOS) and / or (2) be very fragile (relying on paths is not a wise move with resources inside DEVONthink).

DTTG already supports local image links since version 2.0.4. I’m using it a lot.

Ahh true, you would basically have to implement a file system on top of the database for this to work.

Then the possible best method is for DEVONthink file links to act like HTML redirects to a dynamic tiny file web server. The CSS: tag in multimarkdown accepts urls. Or have a customizable multimarkdown global stylesheet.

I know I’m basically at this point trying to treat DEVONthink like an internal web server but I wish I could have the best of both worlds. I figured out how to quickly batch process the files into all in one HTML files using the Transclusion method for now. I just needs to make an apple script to go through each HTML file on import and turn the keywords into tags on my mac. Not very efficient but DEVONthink is way too invaluable to my workflow.

On DTPO, I have tried to insert an image into a markdown document using the format ![name](DT item link), something like:

![Image Name](x-devonthink-item://2FEC90B8-A15C-4B59-8638-A69D8A818537)

but the markdown previewer (Marked 2) is not recognizing this as an image and is only showing a blank placeholder. Am I doing something incorrectly?

Thank you in advance.

That would be a Marked question.

Also, please don’t cross-post. This may not be fully cross-posted, but close. Thanks.

My apologies for the unintended cross-post. I will contact Marked support about the issue. Thanks for answering in the other thread.

No problem (and no worries).