Linking Google-Search to Devonthink Blog

This happened to me quite a few times now for different topics:
I am searching for a solution for a “Problem” within devonthink.
For example “hey, it would be neat to open a database in two windows when cleaning up a Group: Source and Goal-Groups”

When searching in Google for “devonthink open multiple windows” there seems to be a Blog-Post discussing that topic but the Google-Link leads to the main Page.

IMHO it would be good to “tell” Google to reindex the Blog-Posts if the Links are out of date or if there is a mechanism, that moves visitors from google to the main-page to rethink that approach.

There seems to be a wealth of knowledge buried within the Blog that is not accessible via Google-search right now…

Since the launch of our new website & blog this spring we kicked Google several times but in the end they control when new results are added and old ones removed. You could use the search of our website instead or check also the sidebar extras of DEVONthink 3 or the support assistant.