Linking items between databases is misbehaving.

DTPro 2.3.1 on Mac Air using OS X 10.7.4

I’m having an odd problem with links to items in another open database.

Contextual menu - insert link to - scroll to item in second database and click. The item name and click-able link appear as per normal. When the new link is then clicked on all text in the item window disappears, that is, it appears as if all of the text in the item has been erased. But, if I then click on the item again in the list window all of the text reappears. At no time are you linked to the other item or database.

I have tried both the copy and paste method and the contextual method for linking the item with the same results. In each case both items are rich text files (rtf).

Very odd - very consistent with this version of DTPro.

Linking to items within the same database works just fine.

Any ideas?



Just curious why you’re still at version 2.3.1. The latest version is 2.3.5.

Sorry Jim, my mistake, I am using 2.3.5. Typo.

No problem, Steve. I am not seeing this here.

  1. Selected text in database 1.
  2. Right-click and select Link To.
  3. Navigating the submenu I select a document in database 2.
  4. Click the link and the document in database two loads in place.

Am I missing something from what you’re doing?

I am curious - does this persist after a machine reboot?

After a full reboot, DT opened both databases that were open when I closed it and it did continue. But…

I closed both databases and then reopened them again one at a time - and the issue is gone.

Very strange, but after a second reboot and opening the databases again they still seem OK.

We’ll chalk it up to a mystery for now - thanks anyway.


Interesting… Keep an eye on it and let us know if it crops up again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :smiley: