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Hi guys.
I’m new here and I hope I wont bug anyone with this question. I did look and searched for earlier mentioning of this but didn’t find any so…

Is there a way to link between PDF in DT?
Many times I print articles from safari into DT, making them PDFs. I now have 2 articles that I wish to link, but I can’t find a way to do it.

ant ideas?

As a general rule, one can (in a rich text document) link to (but not from) a PDF, image, QuickTime, HTML, WebArchive, linked file or plain text document (such as a record within a sheet).

Tip: As a partial workaround, you can paste the name of the referring document into the Comment field of the referred document’s Info panel. Select that name and press “Command-/” to open the Search window with the search term already entered, then do a search for Name. That both indicates that you’ve referenced the PDF or WebArchive by another document and gives you a pretty quick route back to that document.

Mark this one up as another of my kludges. It’s often possible to approximate something that can’t be done directly. :slight_smile:

So you can “link” one PDF file to another by using the Comment field and Search.

I’ve captured thousands of articles from scientific journals. My preference is to capture them as rich text (with desired images) rather than as PDF or HTML or WebArchive. This is better than PDF because any hyperlinks are retained in the rich text note. It’s better than PDF or HTML or WebArchive because any extraneous material such as advertisements can be excluded from the database content. Some scientific journals such as Science Magazine have thoughtfully redone their Web page layouts to make rich text captures of articles easy. Others, such as the New York Times have provided a “printer-friendly” alternative page.

And with rich text captures I can link from such documents when I need to do that.

I know that :slight_smile: my problem is with the PDFs

I didn’t get that.
My pdf is “jungle”
I want to link it to another pdf named “lion”
I add the name jungle to the comment area of the lion pdf.
then I got lost (I am new to mac so what does “command-/” means)

How do I capture pages in RTF? I usually do “print” pdf then choose the “save to devonthink pro.scpt” - I would love to stop doing that :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the fast answer.

Select the desired text and/or images on the page.

In Safari, press “Command-)” (Shift-Command-0), which is the keyboard shortcut for the Service, Take Rich Note.

In DT Pro’s browser or DEVONagent, Control-click (right click) on selected text/images to invoke contextual menu options to capture rich text.

Mac Help is available from the Finder. In the menu bar, select Help > Mac Help.

didn’t look at the service menu - now I know what to do with it.

You can also click “See Also” button at the bottom of the viewer window. It’ll show you a list of items that are similar to the one you’re viewing (great for finding replicates/duplicates).

interesting, pb, thank you very much.

I’m getting to like DT more and more :slight_smile: