Linking to a specific apple note possible?

Hi all

I was wondering if linking to a specific apple note is possible from devonthink?

that is if i have a markdown note, can i link from there via markdown links to a specific apple note? Or maybe use the Url meta data field to put the link?

any thoughts on that? Anyone has experience with this?



I’m new to DEVONthink, so there may be a better internal feature.
What you can do is “share” the apple note and just copy the link. You’ll get an iCloud link to the note.
Apple Notes also have “internal links” similar to the DEVONthink pathes, but at least on iOS its difficult to get them (you need to step through the content graph in shortcuts and manually copy the link from there).
Maybe its easier on the mac to get this link from a note.

In theory you can do this by clicking the “Add New People” option and then choosing to “Copy Link.” At least on Catalina, it unfortunately gives you an iCloud link to your entire set of Notes rather than to a specific note

In theory you can also do this by choosing the Share Sheet and then “Add to DEVONhink 3.” In reality, at least on Catalina I am unable to complete the process successfully.