Linking to Omnigraffle?

What is the best way to link to an omnigraffle file?

At the moment the only way I’ve found is to create a RTFD document and drag the file into the document. The file icon then appears along with the file name, which disrupts the flow of a document.

This seems ungainly. Is there a way to link from a word in a note directly to the external file. At the moment I have a wiki style link from a word in a note to a separate note that contains the file icon.

Yes, you can do that.

[1] Command-Option-Drag a file from the Finder into a rich text pane in DT Pro. You will get a text hyperlink to the file, without an icon.

[2] Although the hyperlink is the name of the file, you can change the text as you wish, by merely selecting the link text and changing it, e.g. to “Harry”.

How’s that?