Links in imported Mail messages don't work

At least in DT Pro 2.0 (not sure how it is in DT Pro Office 2.0). Depending on the message, it will either recognize the links (ie cursor changes to the little hand) but not click them, or fails even to recognize them.

The messages appear to be imported almost as images of text, rather than the text itself. You can’t edit, can’t copy or paste, and I’ve no idea whether they’re even searchable. This is not optimal, to say the least.

I suspect that this might be a shortcoming of the .eml Quicklook handler – also known as The Only Reason You’re Able to View Emails at All in DEVONthink Pro.

FWIW, in DTP Office with the MailImport plugin installed you can toggle the view of email messages between Quick Look and a DTPO viewer that will allow you to copy, edit, click links, etc.

Oh dear. That probably means they won’t fix this for DT Pro.

While I appreciate being able to at least view my email in DT2, being able to nothing else nor even get back to the original email just doesn’t measure up IMO.

Interestingly, if you drag individual messages to the Sorter instead of using a script, you get a link at the top of the DT window which takes you directly back to the original file. This strikes me as some kind of work around although I think it is a bit on the cheap side not to provide a better email viewer than QL. I am not a big fan of QL anyway.

That’s why email archiving is a feature of Pro Office, not Pro… because if Quicklook support doesn’t cut it, you might be tempted to pay for the more expensive version, one of whose three main features is email support.

Not exactly a surprise that thought but there is a not so fine line distinguishing sometimes between a premium version and a feature so crippled that it forces you to an upgrade but with a feeling of resentment. IN this case, I can’t see paying double cost just so I can at least click on links or cut and paste my email.

In your DT Pro database, Control-click on an email message that was displayed in Quick Look. Choose the option, “Open With” and (for a message captured from Mail) choose Mail. There you are. The message is open under its parent email application. You can select text, click on links, look at attachments, whatever.

The advantage of capturing email messages into a DT Pro 2 database include archiving, and melding their information content with other information in your database. In the latter respect, searches and See Also may prove useful.

Note that even if you choose to archive email in its own database, DT Pro 2 will let you open at the same time one or more other databases that may have related information content. You can choose to search any one database, or all the open databases.

Bill, that would be fine… if “See Also” and searching were functional when working with email documents in DTP, but they are not functional, at least as far as I can tell.

Smacks Head…I guess I forgot about the “Open With” option in DT so that takes care of that. :smiley: