Links to files: update the names

It is possible to have a link in a file to another file to change if I change the name of the file linked.
On file ONE I make a link to file TWO. On the text body it appears automatically the word TWO underlined. Fine. Now If a change the name of the file TWO to FIVE on the text body on file ONE remains TWO but it correctly points to the file FIVE.

It is possible to update the text automaticcally everytime I change the file name? In Scrivener this is possible for instance.
Thank you

This is not possible out of the box. You could potentially script something that would attempt to resolve these links, triggered when you selected the document containing the links but it’s not built-in.

There’s what I’d call a compromise solution, if you use aliases:

  1. I have documents One and Two
  2. In Tools > Show Info, I give One an alias ==> A-One
  3. In the text of Two, I include the name A-One in the text – so then it is a clickable link to One
  4. If I later change the name of One to something else, but leave the alias alone, and the link inside the text of Two is still A-One, then that link still points to the document formerly named One

A bit tricky to follow … but it works because aliases are independent of the name of the aliased document.