links within RSS feeds not working

The links within my RSS feed articles do not open the full article within DT (pb3) I can open them externally in Safari from within DT using the contextual menu, but that (to some extent) defeats the object of using DT for RSS feeds.

Is this a known issue?

Do you have an example?

Can’t attach an html file using the forum, and if I give you a url on the web it will obviously work when you follow it with your browser. Its the same for every post in 5 separate RSS feeds so I wouldn’t imagine its feed or file specific but the following is one of the feeds if you want to try it out:


Interestingly (or perhaps not) selecting reload from the contextual menu will load the full article from the web as expected, in the current tab within DTPO, its just that using the “read more” hyperlink supplied in the article doesn’t seem to do anything, unless you choose to open it using an external browser.


This feed is working fine over here, clicking on the headline or on “on lire plus” opens the web page. Which version & edition are you using?

Version 2.0pb3r2

Since it worked for you I went back to DT to check some links again, and the first two times I click a feed title the same happened - nothing - the third time it jumps to the web page as you would expect, and now it does everytime. Don’t know what to say…tooth fairies?

thanks for the prompt support though!

Might have been a network issue, e.g. slow DNS lookup.