Lion autosave-versioning

maybe this covered somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Do we know how DT will interplay with the Lion auto-save and versioning ? Would immediately apply to iWork apps - opening files stored in DT into the app.


My limited experience with Pages and versions is that Pages documents that are stored in the DEVONthink database reflect whatever state Pages is in with the document. If you edit the document and save it, the document reflects those changes in the database. If you roll back to a previous version in Pages, then that’s the version that you see in the database.

greg- thanks; yes that’s the previous behavior. Under Lion, the autosave maintains all versions of the same doc. Then allows you to browse all versions, restore from any of them and other task (ala Time Machine).

I updated iWork apps (the only Apps to date supporting the new capability). Works great with DT apparently. Versions were saved automatically, I was able to lock and unlock the doc, and browse all versions and restore current from any of them. Excellent!

Cool interface by the way- for those familiar- it’s identical to the Time Machine ‘space-time’ recovery interface, but on a specific document basis, showing the current document next to the browsed version. Here’s one rundown: … -50004514/


I believe that that the versioning in Lion is accessible only in the application that created the document. See the “document model” section of the excellent, detailed review of Lion, by John Siracusa, at Ars Technica.

Because DT is not the editor for many doc types (Word, Excel, iWork, etc.) it’s not likely to be able to access the versioning, at least not in the current edition of Lion.

TextEdit and OmniOutliner Pro also support this.

thanks- forgot about Text Edit but didn’t know about OmniOutliner;

korm- I think you’re right; the interface is common, but it’s on a document-app basis, so you can actually compare versions directly and in full rez. But the APIs must be there for 3rd party support- I’m hearing MSoft Office will support and others; Should go on the list for DT when it is the PDF editor; but as long as the native Apps support the versions being save thru the DT database structure (which seems to work OK), that most of the problem licked IMO