LiquidText 3 and DTTG2

LiquidText 3 is available now in the App Store. The major change (and it is significant) is the ability to draw annotations, figures, etc., on the PDF document. The approach in LiquidText is very different than other PDF apps that support ink.

See MacStories’ review here.

LiquidText supports document provider actions for opening and for saving. An opened and edited document is not saved automatically back to DTTG2. You need to save a new, separate instance back to DTTG. Since the way LiquidText handles inking is different than most apps, the documents with inked annotations read better in LiquidText than in DTTG (or DEVONthink on the desktop).

FWIW I’m giving serious consideration to LiquidText.

Not sure when they added it, but being able to ‘save’ the 5 most recently used colours i.r.o. writing/highlighting is a big deal for me, so very pleased to see it. The new features in V3 look very impressive.

Will have a close look at how annotations view locally in DTPO. Must say, things have been going a bit south in that regard of late - appears that macOS Sierra has sown PDF issues far and wide - Goodreader annotations (in the sticky-notes added in-app) were always readable inside DTPO, are now no longer visible unless the annotation note is “edited”… Will still pop something up about the latter (assuming there isn’t already a thread about this). :confused:

Working with LT3 more. The main enhancement that drives this version is drawing links between objects in the PDF or in the margin with the Pencil or fingertip. LT3 automatically associates the objects. It’s very fluid and useful – when viewed within LT3. The export is not useful. The graphical objects are thrown on separate pages and there is no way to see or even know about the links. I think that aspect of the export needs work – which is not to discount the value of using LT3 for annotation as long as one stays solely within that interface for reading and exploring one’s notes.

The next version of DEVONthink To Go will bring some improvements to using the Apple Pencil for PDFs.

Hooray :smiley: