LiquidText for NoteTaking on Mac

LiquidText is now available for the Mac (not just for iOs)

On initial trial, this has great potential for academic / legal / medical notetaking, with GUI features not found anywhere else.

The Mac version does seem to be a bit rough on the edges, with some bugs or missing features. For example, the “Workspace” has a zoom out but no zoom in. And you can “Open With” only to add to an existing project but not to create a new project.

That said, you can easily send files from Devonthink to LiquidText and export final notes from LiquidText to Devonthink so that is a major plus.

When the edges are polished a bit, this will have great potential uses.

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Hi @rkaplan,

Do you still use LiquidText, and if so what are your impressions? Also in relation to sharing with DT?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Yes it is simply stunning - it is a must-have part of my workflow.

I often review notes that are thousands of pages in length and this is wonderful to quickly annotate key parts, for my staff to flag key pages/passages in advance, and for me to keep those annotations for later reference in a case.

The LiquidText files are stored in Devonthink and can be opened in Devonthink using the “Open With” context menu

Thanks for these enthusiastic comments, so I will start working with LT as well!

My experience with LiquidText was less than grand. I found it simply outrageous that they could release a software in 2020 without any sort of syncing whatsoever. You have to manually export a file, import it elsewhere, edit it, then export again, and so on.

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What’s your use case?

Are you using LT on macOS or on an iPad? (Or both.)

I need to access my research materials both on MacOS and on IOS, but this is not possible with LiquidText without considerable effort and ad hoc sharing of files between devices. That being the case I never actually got to use it consistently for it to make any difference in my work.

Only on a Mac

(My staff helps me with some of the editing on a Windows PC and then they upload it to me through the DT3 webserver - the file from LT work on either OS)

I think if your use is to annotate many shorter files on a daily basis then it may well be inconvenient to import and export it from DT3. Unfortunately they do not reveal the location of the internal files so that makes it harder to solve the problem with DT3 indexing.

On the other hand, if your use is a few very long files daily then that part of the workflow is a minor inconvenience because there is simply nothing else out there for either Mac or PC (or iPad) that does the same thing as LT

Thank you for posting your experiences.
I have LT on MacOS and also DT3. Could you please help me out by sharing how exactly you are storing you LT files in DT? I haven’t been able to figure that out. Are you marking up the file in LT and then sending it to DT when done or do you have some form of bidirectional workflow going? Also when you open in DT, are you able to see the markup/annotations from LT in DT?

Thanks again for any help!

After I edit the file in LT, I use the Share function in LiquidText to send it to DT. It is list among the apps you can share to.


An LT file can be stored in DT but cannot be viewed in DT. To view the file, choose “Open With” in DT and select LiquidText and then it opens the LiquidText app.


Use it on iPad. To get my mind around the details of technical/procedural documents in Tendering (public bidding) opportunities. It has its short comings but so far I have not found anything like it, though I find myself using MarginNote3 more often recently.

Thanks very much!

Would be super cool if in the future, DT was able to read the LT file and render it inside DT. I guess we can dream about that level of integration! :slight_smile:

Appreciate your help!

if a LT file cannot be viewed in DT, is it correct to assume that:

  1. the contents of the LT file are not available to Search within DT?
  2. the LT file cannot be included or processed by DT’s ‘See also’ functionality?

On a related note, is it easy to export annotations out of LT, say as a TXT file or a standard PDF? If that is possible, one could keep a file with annotations alongside the LT file. The annotations file could then be available for Search/See Also functionality.

The LT file is not searchable, but you can (and probably should) keep the original PDF in DT3 so it will be searchable as usual.

I cannot imagine that your annotations in LT are going to meaningfully impact “See Also” functionality. Again just keep the original PDF in DT3 and you will be fine.

great to read the conversation here. I have DveonthinkToGo and LT pro version on my iPad pro. Does any one to know whether LT file (after stored in DTTG, can be opened with LT on iPad, just like what rkaplan shared? DTTG is my main platform (for now); so being able to open the LT annotated version from DTTG with LT app will be super important. Any thoughts?