Liquidtext iPad app

Not sure if I should post this, (or where) as it looks just like an advert… :open_mouth:

However, I am blown away by how clever this is, and thought it might be of real interest to fellow DT users as it is for me.

It is not DTTG related - but if you are using an iPad then this app is amazingly innovative. If you regularly read long documents and need to take notes it is quite magical. (is also free).

If I should not have posted this then humble apologies, and please delete.

I agree. I like LiquidText in many ways. I partcipated in the beta, and found I wanted to use it less and less as time went on – even as features matured and improved. There are limitations: on export – RTF only for “notes, excerpts, highlights” – references to highlighted sections but no links – proprietary format for PDF markup that is not compatible with any other PDF annotation. So, despite its elan and flash, LiquidText is a closed system. Might not be for everyone.

I have to agree with Korm on this one, the more I used LiquidText (LT) the less I cared for it. It’s not that it’s a bad program, it marks up PDF’s in a unique way and it has some cool features. I especially liked the ability to gather multiple highlighted sections together in the same space. That said it doesn’t fit in my workflow. The annotations (highlights, underline, etc.) aren’t visible in other apps and I don’t like being restricted to a closed system.