List of characters ignored by FIND

Hello! For years, I’ve been tagging my documents intra-textually with tags, using special characters to make finding easy. For example, _TODO and _TAG. The underscore is crucial because it screens out all non-tag text. What a great idea! But DevonThink ignores underscores. So —

Do you think you guys could ADD a FIND option, like “literal” or “include non-alphanum characters” or “don’t strip special characters”? That would be FANTASTIC.

If not, then could you reply with a list of ignored characters? Or a list of non-ignored characters? Whichever you prefer. And also, add that list to your documentation?


The index is currently based on alpha-numeric characters, this improves the performance and reduces the memory usage a lot. Therefore it’s not possible right now.

Hello and thanks.

I have some good news. DevonThink actually finds SOME non-alphanum characters. For example, it finds §, but not ∞. And it finds ª and º.

Could you point me to the list, maybe in documentation, that lists these potential tagging characters? That would be a great help. Then I could begin the long process of renaming my tags.

I think that could be a solution.

There’s no such list as unicode includes a lot of characters. The only exceptions not based on the unicode definitions are $€£¥%§ which are indexed since version 3.

From Help > Documentation > Windows > Main Window > Search Pane

Hello! Thanks for that.

I actually did the painstaking process myself.

There are some surprises with the Greek: ∑, ∂, ∆, and ∏ didn’t make it, but π, Ω, and µ did.

Testing all “special” chars on the Roman English keyboard (1) using OPTION and (2) using SHIFT-OPTION give the following results:


[1] • • • £ • • § • • ª º • •
[Q] œ • • • • ¥ • • ø π • • •
[A] å ß • ƒ • • • • • • æ
[Z] Ω • ç • • • µ • • •

[1] • • • € • • fi fl • • • • •
[Q] Œ • • • ˇ Á • • Ø • • • •
[A] Å Í Î Ï • Ó Ô • Ò Ú Æ
[Z] • • Ç • ı • Â • • •

This might be useful for the documentation.