List of Documents Annotated

I frequently use the product to highlight, annotate, and add notes to the thousands of documents stored in DEVONthink. However, given the number of documents, I also leverage the ability to organize them across several databases and dozens of groups. Unfortunately, there appears nowhere I can go to get one single consolidated list of all documents that I’ve updated in these ways.

I’m not looking for anything more sophisticated than a list of documents along with page numbers where I’ve highlighted or annotated – that’s all. To that end, it shouldn’t be difficult to implement.

To that end, it shouldn’t be difficult to implement.

This is a very subjective viewpoint and in this case, not necessarily simply done (depending on the actual parameters required). This is especially true if several edits have been made over time.

You could create a global smart group (see Help > Documentation > Windows > Sidebar: Navigate) to display PDFs with annotations, like so…

If you just needed a list of highlighted material, you could select any or all files shown and use Tools > Summarize Highlights to create a rich text or Markdown document of the highlights in the selected documents.
This does not gather notes and marqueed objects (e.g., rectangles, arrows, etc.).