List of States in Metadata

I am just learning to use metadata, and hope to utilize it in my genealogy database. In the pre-populated list, Country is an option, and includes a drop down list. Is it possible, and if so, how might I create the same for States?

It’s possible but you have to add a set of your own and all its desired values.

Thank you. Another question please… the pre-built date option inserts dates as month/day/year, which isn’t to genealogy standard, which is generally day/month/year. Is there any way to change that?

Which date option actually?

If you need a specific construct like this, use a Single-Line Text data type and you can type the date in the desired format.

But where do you actually use/insert the date?

Thank you. The date of a document.

The user interface uses the system-wide date format, see System Settings > Language & Region

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Thank you!