List view - merge files and folders?

Hi all.

Is it possible to see folders and files in list view merged together as it were, and sorted by name, date etc? At the moment, I see them separated into folders and files each group sorted by name, date etc. I would like to import pdfs of emails and attachments created in email archiver. Email archiver creates a separate folder for each attachment or group of attachments with names matching the email from which it is extracted. So, I would like to view the email next to the folder containing the attachment.

Many thanks

Welcome @jmac

You can’t see a merged view of all files in a group or its subfolders unless you used a smart group, like so…

Note is it pointing at a specific group in the database in the Search in dropdown.

Thanks. That’s handy.

Although in fact what I was hoping to be able to do was just to see a sub-folder appear at the right place in list, rather than sub-folders listed together and files listed together.

So e.g.:

File: “2020.04.22 email from Jim”
Folder: “2020.04.22 email from Jim (attachments)”
File: “2020.04.21 email to Jim”
Folder: " “2020.04.21 email to Jim (attachments)”

Rather than:

Folder: “2020.04.22 email from Jim (attachments)”
Folder: “2020.04.21 email to Jim (attachments)”
File: “2020.04.22 email from Jim”
File: “2020.04.21 email to Jim”


You can disable Preferences > General > Keep groups on top when sorting.

Fab. Thanks!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: