List view on iOS

How do you switch to list view – as opposed to two columns – on iOS (assuming this is possible)?

The view depends on where you click: numbers and you get the thumbnail view. Left side (name) and you get the list view.

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@chrillek is correct on this.

Do note we are investigating a revision of this behavior for a future release where you could explicitly open groups in Grid view.
However we don’t know if removing the current mechanism as a shortcut to Grid view is warranted.


I can do without Grid view entirely. But perhaps it’s useful for other users.

Thanks! We appreciate that kind of attitude around here :slight_smile:

I prefer list view because it uses real estate better. In any case, interfaces should clearly indicate what’s going to happen (yes I know that Apple does not give a damn about this rule anymore). So a clear indication that a groß is going to appear when I click in this area would be appreciated.

I’m very used to the mechanism of tapping the item count, but that’s my experience.

Thanks for the thoughts.

I did it, too, and still tend to do that more than tapping on the name. But I_want_ the list view, so I have to go back often.

I use Grid view to view image libraries that I keep in DT & DTTG. It’s invaluable to my workflow. However, I hadn’t found how to switch from one to the other before reading this thread. So perhaps it’s just a question of legibility.