Listing contents of a Smart Group

In DevonThink Pro Office I have set up a Smart Group which contains all my documents that have a specific Tag. I now need to somehow export a list of the documents in that Smart Group so I can include it in a spreadsheet or pdf, in other words a list of all items in the Name column of the Smart Group. I have tried copy/paste but that doesn’t work. Thanks for any help.

Really? Over here, when I view the contents of a Smart Group in 3-pane view, select the documents in the document-list pane (upper right pane), and copy (command-c) I get a list of all the names on the clipboard which pastes into Excel as individual rows for each name. Pasting into TextEdit will also paste only the names, but you have to first create the document in TextEdit and then choose Format > Make Plain Text before pasting, otherwise you’ll be pasting images of each document into a new rich text document rather than their names.

The behavior korm described is correct and I have just verified it here.

Image 1.jpgThanks Korm & Bluefrog for your replies. I have followed Korm’s method for copy/pasting into Text Edit and do get a list as I wanted, so that works fine. But if I try pasting into Numbers I get the result as above. It is not a problem in this case as a Text Edit document will do fine for my purposes, but may be in some future case. I can get the data into Numbers by copy/paste the Text Edit document, but it would be much better to be able to paste straight into the spreadsheet.

When you copy from DEVONthink, as suggested, the thing that is on the clipboard is rich text. Some apps like Excel can deal with that and paste just the plain text names that are embedded in rich text steam, others do not. Numbers is one that cannot. You could call Tim Cook, or use the workaround you figured out. Your choice. 8)

In either case, it has nothing to do with DEVONthink, I’m afraid to say.

Workaround it is then! Thanks Korm. :smiley: