Listing of replicants?

I’m looking for some help. I would like to print a list of all my replicants. The list would include the original files and everywhere each of the files has been replicated to. Can someone explain how I might accomplish this? I would appreciate it! Thanks…

You can collect a printable list of all the replicants in a database by creating a new smart group and setting the criterion as “Instance is Replicant”.

The smart group will now list all the replicants in the database. Click on one and press “Command-A” to select all of them, then “Command-C” to copy them to the clipboard.

Now paste the clipboard into a new PLAIN text document in TextEdit, Bean or other text editor - do NOT paste the list into a rich text document, for a reason that you will discover if you try it. :}

However, this list will not show the locations of the replicants, nor is there a distinction between the “original” and “new” instance when a document is replicated.

I have the smart group showing me all of the replicants, and I can show the path of the file which shows where the original file is located. However, what I want to know/see is a list of file names and the path of every replicant for that file. I can see this information one file at a time by going to ‘info’ and looking at the ‘instances’. But I don’t want to have to look at each file one at a time. I’m after a list that shows this information for all of the files that are replicants. Any ideas?

The only idea coming to my mind is to build the list via AppleScript.

I appreciate the suggestion of using AppleScript, but I’ve never used that before and, frankly, I don’t have any idea where to begin. If you can point me in a direction to start I’d appreciate it. Or if you could put that together I’d really appreciate it! I could sure use the help as this is important for me to resolve. Thanks again…

A good start might be ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts/Export/Create Listing_.scpt. This script lists the complete database hierarchy.