Little things that I noticed on the implementation of the web server functionalities

DT version 3.6.1 (Firefox :v. 84.0.2, Safari 14.0.2):

  • no access granted for guest for “inboxes” (in global) but they are still displayed in the web interface

  • granted “download” access and no other checkboxes marked in server/users screen, more or less emtpy DT mask showed in browser - does this (only mark this checkbox) make sense ?

  • display of a “trash” neccessary when only read access granted (e.g. for guests) ? Same by "no access ?

  • when created a self-signed certificate and login 1st as a guest, screen is empty (although reading rights were granted) - unfortunately I could not reproduce it again

  • its not possible to erase a database during web access, although this function is activated in the browser in the properties mouse menu (“Move To Trash”)

  • no separate logout bottom (the symbol for the slider is overlooked (better standalone and door closing))

  • didn´t see which user is logged in

  • no automatic (time based) refresh in browser

  • in standard mode no adjustment in left pane possible (problematic with extensive hierarchies)

  • are more than 2 languages availible (which is only interesting for the user interface) ?

  • after re-login the user interface set back in its original state. As a result, the database display is also reset (annoying in large databases). Doesn’t that only make sense for the user “guest” ?

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Thanks for the feedback! This enables trashing of items of databases but databases can neither be created nor deleted via the web interface at the moment.