Little things that I noticed on the implementation of the web server functionalities

DT version 3.6.1 (Firefox :v. 84.0.2, Safari 14.0.2):

  • no access granted for guest for “inboxes” (in global) but they are still displayed in the web interface

  • granted “download” access and no other checkboxes marked in server/users screen, more or less emtpy DT mask showed in browser - does this (only mark this checkbox) make sense ?

  • display of a “trash” neccessary when only read access granted (e.g. for guests) ? Same by "no access ?

  • when created a self-signed certificate and login 1st as a guest, screen is empty (although reading rights were granted) - unfortunately I could not reproduce it again

  • its not possible to erase a database during web access, although this function is activated in the browser in the properties mouse menu (“Move To Trash”)

  • no separate logout bottom (the symbol for the slider is overlooked (better standalone and door closing))

  • didn´t see which user is logged in

  • no automatic (time based) refresh in browser

  • in standard mode no adjustment in left pane possible (problematic with extensive hierarchies)

  • are more than 2 languages availible (which is only interesting for the user interface) ?

  • after re-login the user interface set back in its original state. As a result, the database display is also reset (annoying in large databases). Doesn’t that only make sense for the user “guest” ?

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Thanks for the feedback! This enables trashing of items of databases but databases can neither be created nor deleted via the web interface at the moment.

Is the guest seeing the contents of the Global Inbox or the contents of the inbox for a database that you have granted them read rights too? Unchecking all access to Inbox only applies to the Global Inbox.

I don’t understand what you mean by this, can you explain this further.

Only two UI languages are currently supported

  1. guest seeing Global Inbox but without its content. So it make no sense to show the “Inbox”
  2. want an separate logout button
  3. additionoal language planned ?

It would depend on demand, was there a particular language that you needed?

nice to have: european official languages
good to have: french, italian, spanish
min. to have: french
not needed: bavarian :slight_smile: