Local Sync from Mac to iOS device

So, in that last screenshot, I should have that location turned off?

Can’t see why because that’s how I chose what databases to sync to my iPhone.

Turn on Bonjour on one machine only (preferably the one containing your databases, probably the Mac). Turn it off on all other machines you want to sync.

Sync is described in detail in the manual, and there are countless posts here.

I’ve had Bonjour turned off on both iOS devices all this time.

And the result of the checking each configuration step again and the “Sync Troubleshooting” in the DEVONthink Manual?

I’ve got solid local networks now on both devices as I deleted and recreated them. But I still cannot download the files indexed. I have it set to “Always.” I click on an absent file to download but it is just grayed out.

Read in the DEVONthink Manual how indexed files are handled when the databases holding the indexes (not the files) are synched.

Synching indexed files is one more complexity you are creating for yourself.

Well, it’s becoming quite apparent that indexing is quite frowned upon. I did have the option to download when long pressing a group but it’s no longer there according to the attached screenshot. With that, if I go the route of importing all my files rather than indexing, is there a simple way to switch rather than starting over? How would I switch from indexed to import?

If I right click on each group, I see the option to move Into Database. I suppose that would be my option.

As far as I know there are no “frowns” in the “DEVONthink Manual”. :wink:

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But I don’t hear anyone cheering about “adding complexities” either Lol.

I’ve learned that I need to set downloads to “On demand”, manually download all groups and then, I assume, switch to “Always” which will catch any newly created files or groups.

There is no need to jump through these hoops.
If you want the contents and metadata for all databases to be stored in DEVONthink To Go, set the sync location to Download Files: Always.

But I don’t hear anyone cheering about “adding complexities” either Lol.

Correct, because there’s no need to complicate things.

So, the problem I ran into that put things out of order last night was on the iOS side. I accidentally swiped up on a group and it relocated the group on DT on my Mac and in my Mac Finder. Had to manually move things around to get things back in order…if that makes sense.

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