Local Sync from Mac to iOS device

For a time, I had tried CloudKit for syncing but don’t like the feeling of insecurity. I’ve since updated my hard drive on my Mac and have reinstalled DT. What is the typical local sync method for syncing my databases on my Mac to my iPhone and iPad devices? Thanks.

I think I got it. Had to enable my databases.

Great it is working. I also sync iMac, iPad, and iPhone … I rely on Bonjour as faster and quicker than anything else. Does require devices be on the local network, but as they are there most of the time, no problem. When I’m “out and about” changes are synced upon return.

To setup see the “DEVONthink Manual” or more details at Bonjour Simplified

Some find Apple CloudKit unreliable (as reported here in hundreds of posts). Good it works for you.]

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Is there any issues when having both iOS devices syncing at the same time? I’ve never tried it but I imagine it could lead to corruption?

I imagine that DEVONthink developers thought of that and have that covered so as to not be a problem.

Try it and if you have some evidence for your imagination, DEVONthink developers will be surely be interested.

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So, I just came to realize why my iPad isn’t working right with DT. I synced my iPhone, which, I suppose, is considered 1 seat. Strangely, on my account, it’s listed as a MacBook Pro. So, in order to get my database on my iPad, I’ll have to delete the iPhone seat? Strange, though, that my iPad did “sync” but no actual download option.

I’m surprised you see “seats” for the iOS devices in your DEVONthink account. Normally, only the macOS licenses are shown there. Perhaps show a screen shot here?

iOS licenses controlled by Apple in their Appstore. Normally a purchase from Apple will be ok for all (far as I know) devices logged in with the same AppleID.

Sounds like you don’t have your iPad set to sync properly. Perhaps it is Apple CloudKit acting up … I warned you.

I recommend you first get Bonjour synch working properly on all devices, then tackle Apple’s cloud service.

I’m assuming a mobile “computer” is an iOS device but maybe I’m wrong. Not sure why I have 2 MBP’s on my account. I deleted one last night (my old SSD which has been replaced). So, an iOS device is not considered a seat is what I’m gathering. Attached screenshot.

It says “carls-macbook-pro”, e.g. nothing to do with “mobile computer”. “seats” not the cause of the non-synching.

If you have two machines named “carls-macbook-pro”, then everything is in order. But I assume that you’ve registered the same machine twice. So, it might be a good idea to remove one from the DEVONtechnology site.

But this is not related in any way to syncing between iOS and macOS. And no, iOS licenses never show up on DT’s site – how could they? You’re buying iOS software through the app store.

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Sure, I understand that now. Strange but my Feb 2 MBP won’t delete.

Was the SSD replaced between Feb. 2 and the 18th?

It was. On February 6.

That’s the cause of the duplicate seat.
If you’re having issues deactivating the older seat, please hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Just did that. I am now not seeing my iPhone connect to DT on my Mac according to the attached screenshot, but, it apparently shows the sync working, but I am unable to download any files. I have it set to “Always” now but it does not do any further downloading.

As far as my iPad, DT is no longer seeing it connected. How do I re-initiate Bonjour to see it?

On the IPhone do you have Bonjour on or off? Sam question for iPad?

Both above should be off per the instructions.

I assume this screen shot is from the Mac and Bonjour is on. You will not see any indication of iOS devices on the Mac sync screen.

Bonjour is off on both devices.

That screen capture is showing the iPhone was enabled as a Bonjour server and the Mac connected to it.
Bonjour is either now disabled in DEVONthink To Go or it’s not running.

I am now not seeing my iPhone connect to DT on my Mac

You should be looking in DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Locations.

Not sure how that happened when I had Bonjour turned off on both devices. How do I reconfigure the local network sync? According to what I see, it has an established local network but, when “Saving” the “Always” for downloading I get the following.

In addition to @BLUEFROG’s wise observation, you probably have missed a step or two in the instructions.

I recommend you make the iMac the only device to accept “incoming” and that then makes it be the “server”. Bonjour should be OFF for all other macOS (if any) and iOS devices.

I also recommend you re-read about Sync Troubleshooting in the “DEVONthink Manual”.