Local Sync Issues - Indexed Files

Hi everyone.

I have six databases. All databases successfully synced except for one. The one that didn’t sync has an indexed file to a video. Is this the problem?

My goal is to keep the larges files on my desktop and sync the references to my laptop. I do not need the large files on my laptop. Having the referenced file is good enough. If it’s missing from the laptop, that is fine with me. Will this work or always cause a conflict with syncing?

As for the one database, here are the messages in my log when I try to manually sync it.

Mac A: user: Error Domain=com.devontechnologies.DEVONthink.Sync.DTLocalSyncStore Code=4 “Verification failed. Please repair the database using the menu command Tools > Verify & Repair.” UserInfo=0x618000466980 {NSLocalizedDescription=Verification failed. Please repair the database using the menu command Tools > Verify & Repair.}

Mac B: Missing File

Thanks for your time.

It will not work this way, and yes, it will always cause a Sync problem. Indexed files will Sync to relative locations on the receiving machines.

I was thinking about making a separate database for indexed files that will live on my desktop and not synced to another Mac. Does that sound like an alternative?

I don’t see a problem with that (though it doesn’t address the problem you had previously). Indexing versus importing is largely a matter of preference and computing style (IMO).

I agree about it being a preference, but I can’t make up my mind. I’m thinking the database will be easier to work with in the future in terms of troubleshooting and rebuilding if I keep large media files indexed. I don’t have any facts to validate this.

I was playing around with DTPO, and I noticed when rebuilding it copies items out then puts them back into a rebuilt database? If I had a TB database, does it have to copy a TB out, rebuild it, then copy a TB back in? If that’s the case, I can see indexing being handy at that point. If it doesn’t have to do a copy for rebuilding, then I would let DTPO handle a TB+ database.