Local sync store - I do not want to overwrite but sync


I’m on a new mac right now and want to sync my databases from a local sync store.
Adding the sync store and give credentials DTP3 warns me: Want to overwrite this sync store? - No, I won’t!

What do I miss?

System: Macbook Air (2020, M1), Big Sur 11.0.1

i have the exact same problem!

I’m about to replace my old mobile Mac with a new one. I have a local Sync Store (to sync with my iMac)

On my old MBP I can see that it is synced via local sync store - but now, if I choose the same directory DT is telling me, it will replace the existing file in that store - NO I don’t want that! I like to CHOOSE that - the new Mac should sync with the existing data.

How?! I’m currently somewhere between >:’( and 8-D … because either it’s VERY complicated OR I’m blind and cannot see the obvious way to do that

The last time I used an already existing local sync store it simply presented me the databases to sync with after presenting correct credentials for the encrypted sync store.

I will test with my old Intel Mac to sync to a local sync store created by the new one and report back.

yes, that’s how it’s described in the documentation - and I think that’s how I did it in the past :thinking:

maybe it’s a bug… maybe we need to click “replace” button and all is fine… but who knows…

So I’ve tested it both ways now:

  1. Sync store created on new mac and synced by old mac shows the known behaviour: select the sync store, give credentials, sync as always works fine.

  2. Sync store created on old mac and synced by new mac stays the same like in o.post. But when click “OK” for overwrite the tested database said (in light grey font): database not yet synced.

I assume that everything syncs ok. - Please verify by testing yourself some db.
Could be the label text buggy - but who knows?

Wow - that’s a kind of a UI Bug o.O

You are right! When I click “Sure - let’s replace the local store” - it works correctly - the databases are displayed and I can import them

Whoa - Team DevonThink should really fix that :slight_smile:
Thanks for the test!

So I push forward to add the tag as bug report.

It is not a bug. Yes, press the optino to replace. Development is aware of the wording.

It’s a useless default warning of macOS which can’t be disabled anymore on the latest macOS releases anymore. But the easiest way to add an existing sync store is by double-clicking on it in the Finder or dropping it into the list of sync locations.


Why do I always forget to Test double Click as well as drag&drop?

Thank you!

First: Thank you for the answer and Tipp!

But Then:

  • Please contact someone to update the documentation! There should be an explanation about this and what to do (“it’s OK to click override”) and the information about double-click or drag&drop would be a very welcome addition to that document

And from a developer point of view:

  • I’m pretty sure that this dialog is not mandatory - or it depends on what the code is doing

  • If you open some file and choose “save as” with a name that already exists - sure, then you will get this dialog presented to the user
    The Point is: As a user I was not about to SAVE something. The UI says I like to OPEN something (add something from an existing File) - and here is the UX problem if a software is doing something else

  • if you open an existing file and save it again, you won’t get such prompt. (otherwise you would see such prompts in any application all the time - which is obviously not the case)

Without knowing the code I would think: Try to first open the file the user selected, do with it whatever you need to do in memory and then save it back if this is necessary.

I don’t know, why or what DT is doing exactly at this point - it might be “correct” from a developer point of view - but it’s obviously totally wrong from a user point of view.

Tell me, that the Development doesn’t like to change that because it might be a bit more work to rewrite some code or tell me, that this one is used by so few people that it’s OK as it is… but don’t tell me that you can’t do anything because of macOS – not in such a case :wink:

anyway … I’m not working for DT – I payed for it :smiley:
So … here you got my / our User-Experience Feedback. You can forward it to the Quality-Management / Development or ignore it… it’s your software :wink:

Hopefully I will remember the double-click trick when I get a new iMac in the future… :slight_smile: